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about me

My name si Marina, I am a photographer and graphic & web designer based in Treviso, Italy. Most of all I love travelling, watching film & tv series and I’m a chocolate addict.

five things

  • The first time I took a camera in my hands I was just 8 years old and I went on a school trip​
  • I love comedy, dramatic & disaster movies
  • I eat chocolate… almost every time!
  • I am a dreamer
  • The best trip of my life was an On the road in Usa (2016). The route was: Denver ‑ Mount Rushmore ‑ Yellowstone National Park ‑ Arches National Park ‑ Bryce Canyon ‑ Las Vegas ‑ Grand Canyon National Park ‑ White Sands National Park ‑ Roswell ‑ Denver
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my style

What really distinguishes my work is a fresh and different perspective in the little details. I think a subject deserves a shot only if it’s love at first sight. In Italian the words for “lens” and “purpose” are the same… that’s why I’d like to say that my purpose in life is the 35 mm! 😉

My strenght are mostly still life & commercial, lifestyle, food, travel and street photography but I do also more.

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